International boxer Youssouf Doumbia offers equipment kits to various clubs in Abidjan

It was on Wednesday July 07, 2021 in the commune of Abobo that boxing champion Doumbia Youssouf made his heart speak by offering kits to various clubs in Abidjan. This donation ceremony worth 15 million FCFA took place at the village hall of the mayor of Abobo.

"This is a project in which we are committed because we want to bring our know-how to all these young people. It is for us a way of telling them that through sport, they can become Youssouf Doumbia ”, declared the manager of the champion, Djimma Traoré, boxing promoter in Ivory Coast, adding that these composed kits, among other things, boxing gloves, boxing bear paws, will be used to promote the emergence of champions. "If we put Youssouf Doumbia in the spotlight, we will have a lot of disadvantaged young people who will believe in them", he added.

According to Assemien Kouakou Christian, representing the mayor of the commune, this donation is an example to show the actions that can be taken for Ivorian athletes. "This donation is an example to show what can be done for Ivorian athletes to better prepare themselves so that they are in top form. Youssouf is a source of pride for us in Abobo and I would like in addition to him, other boxers from different clubs have the chance to show their talent, "he said.

In turn to speak, the international boxing champion paid tribute to his manager "I thank you ladies and gentlemen, I would also like you to address your thanks to my promoter, because it is thanks to him that I am what that I am today "he declared under the applause of the audience, before specifying that" All these projects were carried out thanks to him, also who trusted me, and who decided to me to follow until today. "Said Youssouf Doumbia boxing champion

At the end of this ceremony, the various boxing clubs expressed their gratitude to the donor while hoping that there would be more initiatives to save the sport. It should be noted that Youssouf Doumbia's next fight will take place on August 28, 2021, in Abidjan where he will face an Italian.

Brice Konan