The association of young lawyers invites justice to practice in accordance with the sacred rules of the profession.

The week of the Young Lawyer which was held from June 10 to 12 under the theme "Justice and Justiciable" wanted to be for the association of young lawyers of Côte d'Ivoire (AJACI), a moment of proximity with the litigants but of conviviality and professional exchanges.

During these two days, young lawyers from Côte d'Ivoire pleaded for nearly fifty detainees and received nearly 100 litigants during free consultations held simultaneously in the Courts of Plateau, Yopougon and MACA.

In addition to these actions, AJACI had the pleasure of welcoming nearly sixty Young Lawyers from African bars (Mali, Burkina, Benin, Senegal, Chad, Cameroon, Congo, Niger, DRC, Gabon.) Around moments of conviviality but quality debates with brilliant speakers during the Conference of June 12 in Azalai around several themes including: "the state of justice, 60 years after independence" "Social networks and Justice" "Arbitration and specialization of the lawyer ".

The reduction of the gap between justice and litigants representing a major challenge for Ivorian justice but also for AJACI which wishes to contribute to it. It is in this sense that its president Me Jessica Aya Nanou did not fail to highlight certain causes of the crisis of confidence between the different parties in her opening speech during the conference debate on June 12, in recalling that: “numerous studies have highlighted the chronic dysfunctions of the judicial system in most of the States of sub-Saharan Africa. This state of affairs results in a crisis of confidence among litigants in the justice system, fueled by all kinds of suspicions and prejudices. ". She also underlines that this crisis can be seen through: "the relatively low rate of recourse to legal disputes on the continent as well as the meteoric rise in recent years in alternative methods of conflict resolution. ".

The variously interpreted responses and opinions converged on a key idea to reverse the trend: Justice must be exercised in compliance with the sacred rules of the profession, namely independence, equity, probity and a sense of justice. honor of its professionals. For the AJACI panelists, although the responsibility is collective, the young lawyer must fully play his part in this phase of recovery. To begin with, said Me Jessica Nanou, by having confidence himself in these institutions and knowing how to act within the rules of the trade and with a keen professional sense.