Editors Roundtable: Editors-in-Chief share their perspectives on the living conditions of people with disabilities.

The marginalization of people with disabilities in African society prompts media editors to question the cause of some people's contempt for people with disabilities.

In this context, on Thursday July 15, 2021, internews in collaboration with the NGO espoir Handicap organized a round table with the Editors-in-Chief at the Belle Cote hotel on the theme: media coverage of issues related to people with disabilities.

It must be said that this seminar was funded by the United stated Agency for International Development (USAID) and moderated by Ben Diakité vice-president of the National Union of Journalists of Côte d'Ivoire (UNJCI).

For Dogo Raphael, the President of the Federation of Handicapped People of Ivory Coast (FAHCI) “The situation of people with disabilities remains somewhat problematic in Côte d'Ivoire, the numbers and expectations are not always met, because let us say that ordinary systems do not allow much better consideration "he declared, and added" most of the legal texts which have been adopted for over 23 years, in particular N ° 98-594 of 10 November 98 against people with disabilities, in particular also the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2006 which was ratified by Côte d'Ivoire in January 2014, all its laws which could have made it possible to have a major social advance have not made it possible to 'have a legibility being expected that it is not applied at all, whose pleas that we make is to call the men of the press and the men of the media to help change their outlook "recommended Minister Dogo Raph ael.

Agnes Kraidy, journalist and writer invited journalists in the sense of professionalism `` human journalists that you are, must be part of a form of humanization of your profession by questioning our profession so as to ensure that the subject that is treaty can touch on human issues, which affects our human condition, our fraternity and our human cohabitation, '' she underlined.

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